Found: The Perfect Hero


“You know the difference between right and wrong and you weren’t willing to blur the lines between the two. That’s what kind of man you are and that’s what makes you different than the Arrow.” Detective Joe West (The Flash)

Ok, just to make things clear, Oliver Queen! *swoon* Ahem, that said, what an absolute joy it was, to come across the perfect hero in this day and age of Jack Bauers and Reddingtons and other antiheroes. I remember the flurry of series I watched and the first thought that came to mind was, the heroes were crossing the red line…of course for the “greater good” but crossing the line all the same. Is that what a hero is supposed to do? Well, let’s not kid ourselves. We cheered on Bauer, as the cries of torture could be heard, we even secretly hoped for the tall, dark, handsome saviour, to throw the murderous, scumbag off the roof, deliberately and knowingly. That evil person was after all, the one who carried out all his sinister plans with an ever plastered smirk visible. And so we, the audience, saw our allegiances waver, from Michael Knight, Stringfellow Hawke, Sonny Crockett, to now.

Dexter (seriously, a serial killer?) and Ray Reddington (Spoiler alert: He smothered Keen’s father to death! Smothered! And we’re supposed to root for that guy? Well, the jury’s still out on this one, as I haven’t seen the finale yet…hang on…smothered?!!) To think antiheroes are the new “heroes”. What is going on? Mere entertainment? True, but it will leave an impression and lead to justifying wrongs, not only in the world of fiction, but reality.

And so, through all the electric shocks and blowing off knee caps, all to “save the world” enter Mr. Barry Allen! There was an entire episode, dedicated to simply trying to save the lives of the evil Metahumans! Yes, that’s right, what a trial they went through, simply to save these people. Why? Because as The Flash so emotionally said, he cared if they lived or died.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we need in the world today. This is what the younger generation need to look up to and idolize. You don’t compromise. You don’t blur that line between right and wrong. No matter what’s at stake.

Question: Do you think Jack Bauer would have been so willing to let collateral damage occur, if that included his daughter?
No. Nor would any other hero.

It’s very easy to ‘take that shot’ when the one whose being blown to smithereens, that one person who is being killed, to save millions, is not ‘one of your own’. This is why at part, it has been so easy for citizens of a country, millions of miles away, to vote in favor of bombing, droning et al, other countries, knowing full well that none of their own, would be the target. Oh yes, they’ll feel bad, have nightmares, say they have to ‘live with it for the rest of their lives’, but they’ll still do it. Which is why it was a breath of fresh air to be in such excruciating pain (admit it, we were burning up inside! All that just to save those dastardly Metahumans?!) to see Barry go through so much trouble just to save those bad guys from harm! But the courage it took to do that, that courage is what’s needed in the world today. By leaders, politicians (fat chance, eh?), parents, teachers etc. Right is right, wrong is wrong, and you cannot, under any circumstance, claim to justify blurring this line. If you do, then prepare for the consequences, and there will be consequences. Maybe not in the short term, but definitely in the long one. Every action does have an equal and opposite reaction. Just because we fool ourselves into explaining it away as a result of something else, doesn’t change the facts. We are responsible for our actions and should be held accountable as well.

So, to end, a big thank you to the writers of The Flash! ( Well, I’ve just seen the first season so far! I hope I’ve not spoken too soon! ) Nah! I have faith! Bring on Season 2! Totally in love with the Arrow/Flash crossovers and hope this season’s full of ’em! 🙂

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