Life’s Memories

memoriesmatterMy grandmother remembers seeing British soldiers in the streets, before Pakistan gained independence from India. My mother remembers standing in line, to greet Queen Elizabeth, who visited Pakistan in 1961. My turn…um, I grew up with cassettes, video tapes and floppy disks!

The vicissitudes of life continue to overpower us, we dream about the past, but crave for the future. And what a different future it is. Unimaginable by our ancestors. Glib comments about carrying computers in your pocket, used to be a joke back then. Children going to school in diapers, another. And each generation has such an anecdote of its own.
And just when I thought that I was the one doing the eyebrow raising, the time has come when I fill the shoes of the storyteller and reminisce about the good old days. From movies to story books. To think we need to keep any eye on cartoons children watch and feel slightly crestfallen that Enid Blyton is not as popular as she should be.

But there is no use wanting and wishing for times past. We must move on and happily so. We must adapt. But some things should never change. The simple yet fun, games we used to play, Seven Tiles, Marbles, Bones, which children today would find quite amusing. And just as I was the one astonished at hearing what my mother had to say, this generation’s face too, shows bewilderment, when they hear my stories.

A sad fact in this fast moving world is just that, its frightful pace! What should seem revolutionary, is now just a matter of fact. Computers turned to laptops and now iPads. Where is the sharp intake of breath and overwhelming feeling of witnessing the extraordinary? Unfortunately it is lost in today’s insouciant time period.

But too quick to judge are we. I too will be the butt of all jokes, when children rummage through my archaic belongings. But slow down we must. We even rush to our yoga classes! Cell phone placed beside us, as we learn to relax. On the move, on the go! By choice, or by design? A little bit of both. No to Chicago and yes to Singing in the Rain! Have you not noticed the difference in pace, even in the cartoons and movies? Time waits for no man, but let’s not try to out race it! Breathe. Be free from the domination of time. How I yearn for the gentleness of the past. People and places, both have transformed. Some for the better, some not and some because they had no choice; Or so they say. Isn’t there always a choice? Indeed. But it takes courage to tussle with the flow directed at you and stand tall against the tide flowing towards you. We live in a one click world, and yet people continue to exhibit ignorance of the finest nature. Bombarded with over information, disinformation and misinformation. We need to take stock, relax, think, understand. Ah, the joy Brandon Stanton brought to the entire nation of Pakistan, by his one visit. Online comments, finally were a pleasure to read. The smiles, tears of happiness, just to know that people cared. Yes, people do care and love. For what is life, without being responsible for the smile of another?

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