How I started drinking more water

You’ve heard it all and read it all. Water, you need. That one part Hydrogen and two parts Oxygen has all the magic necessary! I know, I know, you get those fizzy drink cravings, especially whilst eating spicy food. We are duty bound (well, some of us are) to keep our fridges stacked with that obligatory fizzy drink, either to serve guests, to have our own, one a day.

Well, if you want to give up that bad habit, it’s simple, just keep your water bottle handy. That’s what I did around the house. I have my very own, easy to carry around bottle, that I can simply fling up to my mouth and drink (we’ll talk manners later on). I know exactly how much water that bottle holds and hence, by the end of the day, get an idea how much water I’ve consumed. It also makes me feel guilty when my eyes turn towards other non-healthy, edible and drinkable items in the pantry. At times, when I do feel like popping a chocolate, I grab my bottle and drink a couple of huge gulps and that instant craving disappears (party pooper, me!)

When you go to a restaurant, as tempting as it is, do not order a drink, but a large water bottle for all at the table. If you must, then share the drink with someone. Don’t unnecessarily drink an entire glass of that aerated drink, just because you’ve ordered it.

So, in conclusion, have your very own bottle, separate from other family members in the house. In fact, all individuals in the house should have their own bottles (mark them with nail polish, if they’re all the same). Get children into this habit as well.

When you leave the house, have another bottle (any sports one will do) kept aside, which you can easily travel with. This way, you can sip water in the car, on your way to or back from any event.

So, here’s to a glass of that crystal, clear liquid! What’s your poison?

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