Turmeric Time!

 That’s too chirpy a title for something that makesturmeric one’s tastebuds shudder, just by thinking of consuming it. But, I have to say, it works…if you have the patience for it. If you want to avoid the ever too often pill-popping, that usually suppress and not cure, well, make a bee-line straight for your kitchen cabinet. But before you start mixing strange concoctions, remember, you have to keep at it, it’s a slow process but effective.

You usually start understanding your own body and symptoms, when it comes to the flu. And when you do break out, you go through the usual regretful moments…”Why did I binge on those really sour crisps?” “I knew I should have avoided that icy cold fizzy drink!” You wake up the next morning, sniffing dolefully, coming face to face with the inevitable!

And this, is the opportune moment to act! Before you go from bad to worse and just can’t take it anymore. What usually works for my painful throat and cold (after a couple of tries) is a mixture of ginger juice, honey, turmeric & black pepper (you’ll easily figure out the amounts…on the minimal side…) all heated together in a glass of water….keep sipping it throughout the day. The strong taste makes you cringe, though you can add a nice teaspoon full of honey, which reduces the sharpness of flavours.

Now, along with this, you need to gargle. Gargling hasreally been a lifesaver for me. But again, it begs repetition, you can’t be lax about it! At least three times a day, more, if you don’t get too bored! Luke warm warm, a pinch of salt and turmeric. I have tried only salt as well, and that too was soothing, but somehow I felt that turmeric really worked like magic.

As with everything, balance is key. Don’t overdo it with the quantities of these spices. The internet is always handy, when it comes to researching how much to consume. But do give it a shot! Eating heavy medicines is the easy way out and sometimes, you don’t have a choice, but if you do, try these home remedies, you just might become a fan and start blogging about it like me!

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