PTV Flashback – Mustang Country

For those unaware, PTV was Pakistan’s first TV channel and it still goes strong till today. A solitary existence, it catered to all, simply and pleasantly. The world, void of the internet in those days, I eagerly awaited the TV series it showed, starting from Knight Rider, Airwolf, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Kung Fu etc. The fact that they were censored, meant kids could watch all these shows (though comparatively, there was relatively less to cut out, as compared to series you get these days) without tense parents looking over your shoulder. To think cartoons too, have ratings now! But coming back to all that was old and gold. How I enjoy searching the net for what I saw as a young ‘un and recently came across my ever favourite movie at that time, Mustang Country.

A beautiful black stallion, a loyal dog and his master, a young lad looking for direction and a big, bad bear! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the entire movie again, exclaiming at the parts I so clearly remembered, after all this time! Movies like these just give you another feel. Nothing nasty or maliciousness, no foul language, just beautiful scenes of nature, wise words and of course, the incredible stallion!

This is the lovely theme song and I quote: “…the freedom found as you find your way, will provide the hope for today.”




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