I’m Ba-ack!

I can’t believe it’s been five years…ok, maybe I can. Time…flying…cliches an’ more! And what I’m back to, online that is, a mega whoosh of blogs and more blogs! Of social media galore! Sigh, the good old days of just a site or two…where you, the writer, reigned supreme and alone….but now…we’re everywhere! People fervently writing, responding, commenting all around! At times you cringe (humans can be so harsh, eh?) But we have a word for that now, trolls. But let’s not get into anything so dire, my first day back!

Look alive people! Here’s to me joining the flow of those, who type furiously away at the keyboard! Happy reading!


About swritings

Author: Ugly Aphrodite (Available on Amazon Kindle) Ah, the need to get your thoughts out there! Happy reading folks!
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