My Toast is on Fire

I kid you not. This actually happened a few days ago. Huge flames sprouted from my charred toast, visible behind the transparent door of the oven toaster. My mother’s quick thinking saved the day and house of course, as she grabbed a pair of tongs and carefully picked up the flaming black bread and flung it in the steel kitchen basin. How it actually happened is not important, what is important is that this one incident has made me go fire extinguisher shopping. Now here’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.
But our houses aren’t like ones in the west, which actually do burn down as most of them are made from wood. So my furniture and curtains would have been history, but I’m sure my house would have survived, well, most of it anyway. So here I am talking nonchalantly about my house burning down, when I should be talking about how lucky I am to be alive and in one piece. Did my life flash before my eyes? Well, not quite, I was surprisingly composed at that time. I guess I should thank Hollywood for that. I’ve seen so many destructive, suspenseful movies, that all possible scenarios have gone through my head and at times actually find myself visualizing how I’d combat so and so incident if it ever happened to me. I’d definitely not be like one of those screaming uselessly type females, who only stand by and screech whilst the hero and bad guy are fighting. Like pick up the nearest, heavy object and do something constructive to help why don’t ya?! But we digress.

It’s the little things in life usually taken for granted, which now start to weigh heavily upon you, when you realize that life is indeed short lived. How easily we flip on our light switch. Load shedding? No problem, there’s always the generator or UPS and if not, you can always hang out at the mall. Water shortage? Make the right noises to the man of the house and there’s a water tanker at your gate. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? There’s always home-delivery. Switch on the idiot box and you see the flood affected people in Balochistan, no food, shelter or clothing. And have we already forgotten about the 8th Oct earthquake affected people, who I’m sure are still living in dire conditions.

Yes, we are indeed blessed. How petty it was of me to yell at my servant for not having dusted quite so thoroughly, my rant having hardly any affect on her and a more adverse affect on my health. So your husband is in one of his moods again, big deal, he’ll straighten his face pretty soon, no need to burn your blood because of it. Your mother-in-law is practicing one of her prolonged speeches on you again, in from one ear and out the next, just nod and smile. Life throws you a curveball, play it, don’t let it strike you out or get you down. It’s just not worth it. At the risk of sounding repetitive, “Live and let live” and certainly do live each day to the fullest, you just never know when it might be your last. Yeah, I don’t like sober endings either.

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