And the Oscar Goes to…..

It was to be my moment, but someone stole it away from me. Someone took away my thunder. What am I talking about? Damned if I know! I’ve just always wanted to say that! I got thinking after watching an episode of Gilmore Girls in which the girl beat the guy to the proposal, due to which he felt that his moment had been taken away from him. This was to be his domain, his baby. This is what a guy does. So many years from now he can tell his grandkids how he got down on bended knee and made their grandmother his wife.

The thing is, I don’t know what my moment would be, or even if I have one! Not just any ordinary thing, but something really special, unique….Nothing so blasé as me being the first to grab the latest attire or flaunt the up-to-the-minute designer hand bag, no! I’m above all that. At least, I hope I am! And speaking of fashion, what stories I heard from the latest lawn clothes sale here in Karachi. Reports of women fainting! Yes, you did indeed hear me correctly, fainting Karachi women and clothes. Here’s a line I never thought I’d say. I mean, I’ve seen the pictures of girls going weak in the knees at an Elvis concert. Of girls hitting the deck at Michael Jackson ones, but this?! Ah well, this
is what I love about my countrymen, women rather. And here I thought seeing a report on a western news channel of Teddy Bears being taken for walks was weird. We have our very own set of extremely strange situations right here in Pakistan.

As for those people in the West, who watch biased news channels (one named after an animal which I’m dying to name, but what with people ready to sue at the blink of an eyelid, I wouldn’t want to take the chance…it was just a while back I heard something on the news of someone suing the other regarding a pair of pants…Oh yeah, I’m definitely keeping my mouth shut on this one!.) who think that every Pakistani woman is used and abused, would eat their words a hundred times over if they ever saw a sight of these Pakistani women and their thirst for clothes sales. The sight of beleaguered men trying desperately to calm and control this crowd of ladies is quite a sight! I wonder if its up on youtube yet? If not, I urge all readers to keep this in mind and next time whip out their handy cell phones and do record this sight for all to see! I even heard of a car bumper wielding lady! I’m telling you, if Dr.Phil were called down here to handle a couple of cases, he’d be back in his private jet in no time, vowing never to return, and no, the Taliban would have nothing to do with it!

So after going way off course, back to the topic at hand. Everyone should have something they’re passionate about. It doesn’t matter when you discover what puts that extra smile on your face. But there should be something which drives you. Your adrenalin rush for the day. And yes, everybody does need something like this, whether they admit it or not. Self Esteem plays a big part in life. Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs remember? The problem with most people, me included, is that we procrastinate. Hesitate to take the initiative. That very first step. So I may quite easily end up saying the initial words of my articles, for real this time! You don’t necessarily have to be a whiz at it, as long as you enjoy what you do. Get personal satisfaction out of it.

So my dear reader, now that I’ve realized this, I urge you to find that one thing which gets your blood pumping and heart beating just a bit more than usual.  And no, I speak not of how you feel after watching another brilliant Johnny Depp performance, but something which has ‘you’ written all over it. It’s not selfish to think of yourself some of the time. “Me Time” is something which I’m sure has come up on Oprah at some time or the other. I too will now clench my fists and get the ball rolling. No more dilly-dallying! We have to get rid of our languid, lackadaisical attitude. It’s time to be more pro active, each and every one of us! Just get into that driving seat, grab the wheel and turn the key. After the first whirr of the engine, the wind in your hair will be all the prize you’re looking for!

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